A bio-based, hair styling fixative and film former available for translucent (MaizeCare™ Style Polymer) and crystal-clear formulations (MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer).


Maizecare Style Polymer

MaizeCare™ Style Polymer

A bio-based hair fixative with performance in translucent formulations.

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Crystal Clear

Maizecare Clarity Polymer

MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer

A crystal clear, bio-based hair fixative with good curl retention performance and stiffness.

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Made by Nature — Styled by You


Embrace your hair’s beauty with a natural solution. MaizeCare's 100% bio-based polymers offer sustainable, versatile styling aids for all your haircare needs. Derived from corn* and readily biodegradable, you can achieve the hair of your dreams directly from the heart of nature.

*Does not compete with food source corn.

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